Marketing is the life blood of your website. Without some form of marketing it would be like putting the notice of Earth's eminent destruction to make way for a space lane in the bottom of a file draw in a locked room of a basement in an abandoned warehouse with a broken elevator and collapsing stairs. Maybe the Vogon's can claim fair warning was given and sufficient notice for proper challenge made. But let's face it the odds of anyone stumbling across the site would be rather small.

Babblephish outlines many different forms of marketing. All are are possible and many prudient. Listed below are the few which we believe should be at the top of your list.

  • Promotion
    Start this right away. This is a must first step. After you have your basic website created, up and running, double check your meta-tags then run don't walk to enter your website into the search engines and directories.

  • Signatures
    Why wait to do this? You are sending email daily. Might as well start letting people know about your website.

  • Auctions
    If you are not already participating in auctions you should start. This will broaden your knowledge of your selected passion and give you a headstart on building targeted traffic.

The other marketing methods are not necessarily optional. However, the order in which you address them can depend upon your specific website. For example, if you have decided that your website should have zero banners for either social reasons or design reasons than that would move "Banner Exchange" to the bottom of your todo list. Or, if your website is devoted to "helping" others as a service then you would benefit from moving "Help Columns" to the top of your todo list.