Magazines everywhere on and off the internet have articles. Many of these articles are paid for and many are submitted by contributing authors for free. Which means you have a chance to not only submit articles for publication you might make a handy royalty from their publication.

One of the stated benefits of doing a website about your passion is focus. You will find yourself knowing more, understanding more, handling more, and finally contributing more than your ever thought possible. Perhaps before starting your website you may have been justified in vague feelings of uncertainty about your worth as an author. However, after doing your website the tide is turned, the worm has ebbed and the confidence should be flowing.

Apart from a rather scrambled mixed metaphor the point is made. After the research and development time you have put in to create your website you have in fact gathered enough to make writing an article on that same passion a reasonable expectation. If you honestly don't believe you have anything to contribute on the subject you haven't been paying attention to your website. One way to cure this real quick is to browse the website over the shoulder of a friend interested in the subject but unfamiliar with your website. Try to see your website through his or her eyes. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well your site is received.

If you can't get past any feelings of "What? Me write an article?" then this method of marketing is not for you. However, if you can set aside the newness of the idea for a few short evenings and just write we think you'll be very pleased with the result.

Now that you've written an article all that's left to be done is place the article. For this you have many options. You can submit your article to trade journals in the field of your passion. Rumage through your house (or apartment, or car parked in that vacant lot, wherever you happen to live) for magazine which you read. Submit your article to any which you would not be embarassed to have your article appear in -- and throw out the magazines which you would be embarassed to see your article in.

Another place to submit your article would be on the web. For a good idea of places to submit articles on the web check out Articles Feeds on Domain Decorator. Any place that another goes to find an article to use is a good place for you to post your article.

Having your articles appear in print or pixels is a good way to increase your stature in your field of passion and an excellent source of targeted traffic.

You did remember to include your website URL address in the article? Didn't You?