There are two basic forms of classifieds: newspaper and internet. They both work pretty much the same way. They both have pretty much the same pluses and minuses.

When placing newspaper classifieds try for targeted inexpensive rags. College newspaper can be excellent depending upon your goods or service.

For internet classifieds check out one of the following as a starting place.

  • Google Classified Directory
    Straightup no hooey no balooey.

  • Free Classifieds Links
    Sharkish slick marketers. If you wade through the "Click Here", "Enter Here", "Buy This" jungle you can find your way to a large listing of small, medium to large classified advertising sites.

  • Paid Classified Links
    Same warning as above. This list is of pay for placement sites.

  • Google Lookup
    There are hundreds of thousands of websites devoted to classified ads. If you are selling a telescope go to Google and search for "Astronomy Classified Ads". Or whatever your product/niche is.

Before you get too too excited about the prospects of millions of hits from classified ads ask yourself one simple straighup question: "When was the last time you went searching the classified ads and purchased a product?" Odds are your customers are not that different from you. If you spend hours searching classifieds online then maybe your customers will. Or, if you're like me you never look in the classifieds and most likely your customers may not either.