Free For All Links

Running low on spam? If the answer to this question is yes then you need to submit your website to FFA Link sites.

Maybe that is a bit harsh -- though not too harsh. The fact is when you submit your site to one of those 1600 FFA link submission programs you are bound to end up on around 1000 spam email lists. Many of these FFA sites are setup for the express purpose of collecting email addresses.

Does this mean you should not use FFA? Not necessarily. But if you do definitely use one of those free email service such as HotMail or Yahoo! etc.

Will HotMail prevent me getting spammed? Nope! Think about it. You are submitting your website to a couple thousand FFA link sites many of which are designed to harvest email addresses for spamming. And, surely the spammers have caught on to the trick of people using Hotmail to avoid the spam. Don't you think that at least a few of these folks are smart enought to harvest the website address and turn that into an email?

Is it worth it? That can only be determined by experience. Go to some of the FFA sites. Look around. Ask yourself: "Who visits here?" The answer will be mostly people leaving links. But there will be some folks who actually scan these lists. What are those folks likely to be attracted to?

A FFA Link site is much like a noisy, chaotic party. The meek geekoid in the corner will not get noticed. The CPA might get noticed but they certainly won't get a tumble. For a website to work in the FFA environment it will need to have instant appeal and the appeal should not be too classy. The closure you can hit to hunger, greed, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, fetishes, diet, and power the more likely your link will actually draw.

So for you dear webmaster the balancing equation is SPAM on one side, potential customers on the other.

You be the judge.

Here are a few links: