FREE FREE FREE FREE Everyone loves something for free. Whether it be a free lunch or a gold watch for a dollar we all find it hard to resist.

But what can I give away free on my website?

  • Free Samples of goodes or services.
    An excellent means of proving you can deliver the goods -- give away a free sample. This may or may not be possible for you. If you are in the DOT (Digital Online Transfer) business it should be trivial. If you are moving solid goods then you have more significant costs to consider. Just don't overlook the value of free samples.

  • Free MP3 downloads.
    If you don't make music and can't find MP3s to give-a-way just let us know your taste in music and we'll help you find an MP3 file or two to put on your website.

  • Branded Quzzles.
    Guess what. It's possible to host a free download a fun and free Puzzle on your website branded with your logo in the puzzle itself. While this might not be to your taste you can see that this or a similar idea may be attractive to your traffic.

  • Free Cars.
    People love to win free cars and cash. This can be done. Just be sure to seek some legal advice before making the plunge. There are rules to contests and give-a-ways. The higher the stakes the more likely someone will try to take advantage. So know your rights and responsibilities.