This can be a great source of satisfaction and targeted traffic. Do keep in mind though that by help we are referring to your being of service to others, not you sitting around wanting help.

When you take this attitude it will influence your website and influence your traffic. As an example, a few years ago I ran into a problem with my telephon.ini file in my windows setup. It took me several day to find a solution. Because I'm the forgetful sort and because I wanted to make it easier for the next guy or gal to find this solution I posted it on my Newbie.Org website. Since that day the posting for that page has been woven into the fabric of the internet and my website receives a signicant number of hits from people looking for help with their telephon.ini installation. This one small act of kindness had a very positive effect on my traffic.

I have also applied this attitude during my browsing and contributions in newsgroups. Since I make sure to include my website in newsgroup postings that helps draw some traffic. And since I totally abstain from flames, spamming, or other forms of embarassing newsgroup activity people are generally well disposed to be interested in checking out the website of the guy that posted that response. The thing is to be honestly helpful you need to know something about the subject. Hence, by selecting a field in which you already have a passion or are willing to be actively interested in you give yourself the headstart in being knowledgeable and willing to become more so.

If you are only in this for the money and have no interest in the subject ethical marketing may become a burden too heavy to carry and you might find yourself tempted by get-rich-quick methods. If you find this happening see if you can get a friend or family member to put you on an ice-flow heading out to open sea. Because at that moment you will cease being an interesting contributing member of society and you'll wake up one morning to find yourself not very proud of what you've done. That's no way to go out.