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DirectHit is being used by other seach engines such as HotBot and MSN. Thus getting listed here may get you listed elsewhere.

When you use the Click Here to Do It hotlink to visit the website you will see a submission form much like this one.

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Please pay attention to their rules and admonitions -- quoted here for convenience.

  • Any site that spams the Direct Hit URL submission service will be immediately removed from the Direct Hit search engine.

  • After submitting your URL, our spider will visit and index your web site. Depending on how many sites have been added to the index recently, it may take several weeks or longer before your site begins to appear in the Direct Hit index.

  • The Direct Hit rankings are based on actual search activity of millions of Internet users. New sites submitted or found when our spider crawls the web are listed in the search engine and given an opportunity to be found by searchers. Sites that users visit and spend time at for particular search topics are then ranked higher than other sites.

  • For complete details about the Direct Hit spider, read this.

Click Here to Do It