Off Line

"Offline promotion is any promotion that occurs off the Internet."

Offline promotion includes, but is not limited to, all traditional advertising such as radio, newspaper, magazines, TV, direct mail, store displays, green sheets, etc.

Unfortunately much of the offline promotion of a website is done as an after thought -- you know, that small font addition of the website URL address into a pre-existing ad.

For offline promotion to work the marketing of the website must be included as a dynamic element of the advertising.

As you turn your attention to offline promotion of your website, one of the first things to do is an audit of all printed materials from your company.

Click here for an office suggestions.

If your company has ever sent a press release to anyone now is the time to send a press release about your website.

If your company has never sent a press release to anyone now is the time to send a press release period. Just be sure to include your website.

Contact any advertising accounts and find out if it is not too late to include your website URL in existing display ads queued for insertion.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to the editor of your local newspage and/or national magazine? This might be an excellent way to expand your audience.

In case you haven't thought of it you are newsworthy. Contact your local business editor. Talk to him or her about your internet related business. They just might be looking for a small piece of positive news to print in the area. Lord knows the subject has been hit with downer news more than once. Remember business editors are pro business. And they do understand the positive effect of putting a good spin on internet business. Give them an excuse to use you as an example of excellence.

Don't be shy about talk radio. They need guests. Perhaps you can get a spot right after the lady with the "Best of Show" poodles? Admittedly talk radio can be a grind. Just don't discount it.

How about one of those tacky magnetic car signs with your website URL address? This way you can be promoting your website while you drive. Just don't cut people off in traffic if you're advertising your where-abouts. ;-)

Whenever you sign a guestbook at museums, hotels, funerals (well, maybe not funerals) leave your website address after your name in the slot normally reserved for state or country.

You should be getting the idea by now.

Go forth and do more so.