Just because you've entered the great and amazing world of cyberspace don't forget the endless possibilities offered by leafleting.

Those opportunities reasonable for your website marketing depends upon selected passion.

For example, if you happen to have a website devoted to movie reviews the local theaters just might allow you to place a small poster or pile of leaflets at the counter. Who knows they might even give you free movie passes if you promise to include mention of movie times for the theater. Or, shall we venture to hope, they might pay you a small sum to include an updated movie schedule for the theater. Just because you've gone global is no reason to totally ignore your local market. Surely there will be a creative way to incorporate both perspectives.

If you happen to have a website devoted to plant care then....how about your local plant shops?

You don't have to stand on a street corner handing out fliers...but what about at the coffee machine at work?

Be creative...be persistent. These two admonitions are more of a truism in the cyberage -- not less.

At one time you were only competing against those in your neighborhood. Now you are competing with the world. Fortunately you also have the world from which to draw your customers. A little good news a little bad news. Either way being creative and persistent helps.