"Offline promotion is any promotion that occurs off the Internet."

Today, not tomorrow, put in place a plan to quiz your staff on your website URL address. If they don't know your address how can they pass it along through word-of-mouth advertising?

Try to find a way to sneak your website address into every sign-off or hello your receptionist gives. This might not always be possible. Check it out. Although you don't want to interrupt the flow of normal business you also don't want to miss an opportunity to press your website address forward. Find a workable balance and make it a habit.

Play the "Profiling Game" with anyone and everyone you can. Certainly office personnel would be great candidates for this. But, don't forget friends, family, and/or strangers on the street.

What is the "Profiling Game"? Basically you the game involves visualizing a potential website user and asking as many questions about that person as you can. Click Here for details.

You should be getting the idea by now.

Go forth and do more so.