Profiling Game

What is the "Profiling Game"?
The game involves visualizing a potential website user. Create a full profile for that user, then ask as many questions of that user as you can.

Why is the "Profiling Game"?
You know more than you know you know -- ya know? It's all a question of focus. To accomplish this we use a technique called "Iso-magnification." The "Profiling Game" was specifically designed to accomplish this goal.

How is the "Profiling Game"?
There are two versions of the "Profiling Game". The simple version we'll give you here. The expanded version is built upon tricks of the trade employed by certain unnamed agencies at a time when they were actively involved in remote viewing and other such experiments. For that you'll need to contact us about our corporate weekend seminars.

Profiling -- The Short Form

Be specific. Don't talk about car buyers in general talk about a specific car buyer.

Shotgun. If you sell widgets don't limit yourself to widget buyers. Also profile someone who knows a widget buyer, is related to a widget buyer, or wouldn't buy a widget if their life depended on it. Spread out a little. If you already had a 100% handle on the market you wouldn't be reading this. So expand beyond your borders.

Ask focused questions. That means if you are considering what happens when someone visits your site don't just ask "What happens when someone visits my website?" Be totally focused.

  • What is the first thing this person will see on the page?
  • Which text if any are they likely to read?
  • What button if any will they click on?
  • Will they tend to click on hot links or buttons?
  • How long will they wait before clicking on something?
  • What percentage of the page will they see?
  • Are they coming to the site looking for something specific?
  • What do they expect to find when they get here?
The better focused a question is the better chance you have of getting a good profile of the who, what, where, and whys of this hypothetical person.

(Note: You do understand that it's only hypothetical people who should be profiled. It's an invasion of privacy, and generally not very nice, to use software to profile actual individuals. Keep in mind you are trying to anticipate the behaviour of many based on an accummulation of understanding based on induction from a few hypothetical persons.)

Make sure that more than one typicality responds as-if the person being profiled. Teamwork will be essential for this to work.