You've seen these before. Walk through the mall and there before you stands a pleasant looking young person sporting a clean-cut look, name tag, and the ubiquitious clipboard. Without a second thought you know "they are taking a survey". If they were a little less business like in their manner perhaps even a bit scruffy you'd know "they are collecting names for a petition".

Many people don't like taking surveys. But a great number of people don't mind -- especially if there's a freebie of one sort or another involved. If you sell motor oil on you website we wouldn't suggest free tasting samples. However, it might be that your product can be converted into samples for taste or take-home. These then become of prize for filling out our short survey.

Keep your survey questions short and simple.

Survey rule of 10:

  • No more than 10 questions in the survey.
  • No more than 10 words in a question.
  • No more than 10 syllables in a word. ;-)

You might want to ask questions which contain your website address so that the survey takers hears the address at least 3 times during the survey -- 6 would be ideal.

You can combine the survey with website coupons. Give the person being surveyed a coupon which they can redeem on the website for a free 'whatever'.

This should give you some ideas. However, if you would like help creating an effective survey campaign Contact us.