Unless you have a fish in your ear...
...you need this site

BabblePhish is the cyberspace doodle-pad substitute for that all important "back of the envelope" web-marketing information you need handy at your finger tips. It holds all the software, tools and techniques that you need to build traffic... all in one handy place.

Well all know, traffic is the key to greater website success. Independent of how you measure success, you need targeted traffic -- whether it be goods, services, or content that you sell on the web. This applies to everyone, no one escapes. With traffic all things become possible.

A pair of motivated visitors beats a full house of lookie-loos everytime. Trying to sell goods and services on the Net? You betcha! Everyone with a website is.

  • eShop online stores can always use more customers browsing the goods.
  • Auctions do better with more sellers and buyers.
  • Selling a service? Drive potential users to your site.
  • Make something you want to sell? Bring interested buyers to your website.
  • Have a message? Gather a wider audience and get your information into more, receptive hands.

We all can use more traffic, and everyone can benefit from better directed traffic. The website benefits and the browsers benefit. It's what they call a win-win situation.

Here's the process in the nutshell:

  1. Have a passion -- any hobby or avocation you are willing to have an active interest in.
  2. Build a website based on that passion. Be sure to include lots of great content.
  3. Attract traffic to your content. The more targetted the traffic the better.
  4. Have an income model -- either advertising, ecommerce, affiliate programs, or "you name it".
  5. Let the website work for you as you sit back and crank the wheel earning well deserved dividends.

There's no glass ceiling in this business. No limit to the possibilities. When you build a website centered around your passion you can't lose. Look what you get:

  • An outlet for your passion. No waiting around to be called upon. Have something to say -- say it. Have something to contribute -- do it. You call the shots.
  • Share what you've learned. We all know the best way to learn is through teaching. With a website devoted to your interest you expand your potential audience to the whole world.
  • Opportunity to meet other like-minded folks. When people come to your website because of your content they are preselected based on a common interest. This can make for the best of friendships.
  • An income centered on your hobby. How many of us have a chance to make money doing what we love. Here's your opportunity. Don't knock it.
  • A contribution to the web. Content which is generated by active, interested people is of broad benefit to the worldwide web.
  • Super charge your interest. Any time a directed task is involved with real-world results it serves to focus and concentrate your efforts.